Whitepaper: Staffing Agency Profitability 101

Published on 2/1/2023 by Jimmy Hurff
Last Updated on 2/3/2023

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  • Learn about key factors that affect agency financials, like employment & placement types

  • Learn the fundamentals of cost & revenue analysis of an agency

  • Learn how to setup a simple FinOps program within your agency

  • See examples of good & bad placements & how an ATS can increase your chances of being profitable on every placement

  • Receive several simple recommendations that work &increase your agency's profitability

Who Is the whitepaper for?

This paper is written for those business leaders who work within the staffing model. It is for entrepreneurs, owners, executives and leaders within a staffing agency and aims to provide a practical overview for how to increase their profitability.


A staffing agency operates by providing temporary or permanent employees to businesses in need of additional labor. The cause of profit or loss in this industry is determined by several factors. Firstly, the demand for temporary labor affects the number of contracts a staffing agency can secure, which directly impacts revenue. If there is high demand for temporary labor, a staffing agency may be able to secure more contracts and generate more revenue. However, if demand is low, fewer contracts may be secured, leading to lower revenue and potentially even losses.

Additionally, the cost of obtaining and maintaining a pool of qualified candidates is a significant factor in determining a staffing agency's profit or loss. This includes the cost of recruiting and training candidates, as well as offering competitive wages and benefits to retain top talent. If the cost of obtaining and maintaining a pool of qualified candidates is too high, the staffing agency may struggle to generate profit, as they need to charge their clients enough to cover these costs while still being competitive in the market. On the other hand, if the staffing agency is able to effectively manage these costs, they may be able to offer more competitive rates to clients and generate higher profits.

About the Author, Jimmy Hurff

Jimmy is a seasoned technology executive & entrepreneur noted for leading business transformations. Over his 25+ year career, Jimmy has developed multi-platform expertise in the domains of engineering, data analytics, security, compliance & business transformation. Starting in 1995, Jimmy worked with his best friend, David Webb, to develop one of the world's first Internet job board and resume bank applications. From then to now, Jimmy has been consistently helping his customers to build great teams, using best practices and world-class technology.

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