Artifical Intelligence

Since 2005, BrightMove has been pioneering the advancement of Applicant Tracking Systems. One way we continue to improve our software is by utilizing narrow artificial intelligence techology. Automation and machine learning will save you time and enable you to spend more time nuturing candidate relationships.

BrightMove is packed with many powerful, automated features. From parsing and matching to posting and aggregating, these are just a few of the functions that provide recruiters with both the high-level and detailed information they need. You can rapidly reach and hire the best talent on the market with BrightMove.



BrightMatch takes the profile of a candidate and enables you to reach out and find placement opportunities you may not have been able to before. This powerful automation tool is like having a salesperson who goes out and finds potential clients and jobs to help grow your recruiting or staffing company.


BrightMove PowerSearch for Candidates, Jobs, Clients and Contacts

The BrightMove PowerSearch feature leverages our proprietary technology stack to rapidly comb through and filter millions of resumes in less than one second while applying BrightMove’s proprietary semantic scoring algorithms. Not only do we bring you amazing results quickly, but we also enable you to execute dozens of high-level actions without ever leaving your search screen, optimizing efficiency and productivity.


BrightMove Resume Cloud

Recruiters spend an average of just six seconds scanning a resume. BrightMove resume cloud is here to help with a visual representation of the 100 most frequently used words found in a candidate’s resume. While reviewing the resume cloud, you can click on a word and it will highlight it in the resume.


BrightMove Resume Parser

BrightMove's resume parser is robust, fast and accurate. The resume parser comprehensively extracts and populates the most relevant and applicant information as it builds an applicant profile within the ATS. If there are multiple attachments, BrightMove scores the attachments and determines which content should be used.


Search Candidates from Job Profile

Do you need to search applicants from a job profile? Our software automatically pulls in the required skills for the job, and uses the applicant PowerSearch to automatically search for applicants with the skills that match the required skills of the job. All of this is accomplished within milliseconds!


Job Matching from Candidate Profile

This feature enables you to click search jobs from the primary skills on a candidate profile. You can search for jobs with required skills that match the primary skills of the candidate - and its fast!


Activity Capture Assistant

All outbound emails, selected inbound emails, SMS and submittal activities are logged automatically. BrightMove records all of your activities – it’s like having a virtual assistant!


BrightMove Submittal Trigger Tool

The BrightMove submittal trigger tool automates a series of actions such as changing submittal status, candidate status and job status. This also automates and can automate sending emails when job events occur.


Event Driven Notifications to Zapier

BrightMove recognizes key events which then drive Zapier integrations across many different types of software to automate many different types of tasks, saving time and money.


BrightForms - Intelligent Form Submittal Workflow

BrightForms detects when a specific form needs to be sent to a candidate and when a form has been completed by a candidate triggering the appropriate submittal status change and communication templates.


Job Distribution Engine

Strategic partnerships with the leading job boards and a legendary job distribution engine make it possible for our recruiters to cast a wide and effective net when marketing theor jobs. Our software maintains the integrity of your exact job advertisement and enables changes to the job to be made thereby eliminating hours of job board management per open job.


BrightMove Submittal Workflow

BrightMove enables the diverse range of customers and industries who use our software to set business rules, triggers, and customize their workflow stages and workflow security to increase recruiter productivity, while ensuring company and legal compliance. It also allows communication templates to be sent to various entities triggered by a submittal status change.

BrightMove is Awesome

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