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The only ATS in the industry built for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The fact that your current software wasn’t built for RPO means that it remains inefficient even with a workaround. BrightMove was built for the RPO and because of our unique design it allows your recruiters to easily manage multiple accounts from a single login. No workarounds required.

With BrightMove, RPO Recruiters can stop toggling between ATS systems!

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The only ATS in the industry built for RPO Recruiters

The costs can add up paying for multiple recruiter licenses for RPO companies. BrightMove’s ATS was built to give RPO recruiters a streamlined hiring software solution with hard dollar cost savings. With BrightMove for RPO, you only need 1 license for each recruiter regardless of how many child accounts are managed. If you're an RPO recruiter, you'll no longer have to switch flipping between ATS instances. The bigger you get, the more you save.

The “time to hire” and "time to fill" metrics are no longer ellusive metrics for your RPO. See the performance across your entire RPO practice, or drill down to a single client or recruiter. With BrightMove, all of the important metrics and KPIs are at your fingertips, allowing you to make real-time data-driven decisions.

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RPO Software that will help you meet your SLAs

The analytics & automation you need built specifically with the RPO recruiter in mind.

There is no need to struggle performing against the service level agreements you have with your customers. BrightMove’s easy-to-use applicant tracking system and robust analytics platform lets you confidently deliver your unique RPO recruiting process while remaining agile.

Know exactly how your team is performing against key performance indicators and keep your clients satisfied while increasing recruiter productivity.

Enterprise SSO - Single Sign On - Recruiting Software

One Login

A killer feature the recruiter RPO companies need! Our proprietary software is hierarchial - a true parent/child model. Within BrightMove for RPO, you can configure one parent company and many child companies. Because of this design, you can manage multiple client child accounts from one login. Each child account can be configured with different processes, SLAs and KPIs, based on the terms you establish with your customer. No toggling between systems. No workarounds required.

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Enterprise SSO - Single Sign On - Recruiting Software

Pro Software for RPO Recruiters

Pro Software for RPO Recruiters

RPO companies are faced with complex and bespoke requirements across their customer base. They need pro software to enable their recruitment process outsourcing business. BrightMove uses AI and business intelligence to create pro software recruiters for you to leverage - automate and streamline your recruiting process using triggers and templates and eliminate these tasks the daily routine of your realrpo recruiters. Do more with less. Let our recruitment software free you up to do what you're best at!

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Ad hoc reporting for build your own reporting

Insights and Analytics

We started with the financial question, how do RPO companies make money? Time is money. Margin comes through scale. Using our deep insights & analytics, you can hone in on where your RPO practice is making and losing money. With our parent/child model, your RPO recruiters have the ability to manage multiple customers from a single UI. Paired with with our powerful business intelligence and data analytics capabilities, you achieve deep and real-time insight into the operations of your RPO business that you never had before.

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Deep insights and business intelligence

Wisdom for RPO Recruiters

Finally, there is a modern data & analytics platform for the modern RPO.

Wisdom, our data analytics platform, is built around your business processes and learns from your wins & losses, always learning and getting smarter.

Data-driven insights can help you to make better business decisions based on your past learnings. With Wisdom, you can see these insights in real-time and take action when it matters most.

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Wisdom for RPO Recruiters

BrightMove's Modern RPO Software is powerful

A modern, analytical and customizable applicant tracking system with a list of features that keeps growing.

Applicant tracking CRM module for lead generation

Make Better Decisions

From a single dashboard, see your entire RPO business in a glance enabling you to make better, data-driven business decisions. Know exactly where you stand relative to your SLAs - Cycle time, time to hire, time to fill, candidate to hire ratio, fall out ratio, cost per hire, etc. All of the important KPIs immediately at your fingertips.

Increase productivity and reduce time to hire

Increase Productivity

Maneuver quickly and transition with ease between Client Accounts with BrightMove’s Client Management tools. Daily tasks are streamlined with BrightMove’s PowerSearch, BrightMatch, and other powerful features.

Customizable features for RPO software


Not every client is the same. As such, we know your clients will have different requirements. Using our parent/child model and powerful configuration engine, you can customize every workflow, template, and dashboard to be specific for each customer.

Stay competitive using recruiting software

Stay Competitive

Be a step ahead by generically sourcing positions before a Client needs even arises. Fill jobs fast across all of your accounts. BrightMove is the only ATS to offer sourcing pools that sit above your Client’s database. Proactively recruit for skills to crush your client SLAs!

BrightMove powers some of the world’s smartest companies

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