PEO software to help your customers recruit and retain talent

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) are being challenged by tech savvy startups and need to offer more services than ever. It’s a competitive space that grows at a 14 percent higher rate than the US Economy in general. Industry analysts and experts agree that in order to grow your PEO, a diverse service offering is key, and that includes implementing a PEO software that can help your customers recruit retain the best talent for their companies.

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BrightMove provides PEO software to NAPEO and its members

Real Value: Instantly Create New Revenue For Your PEO

With software-as-a-service, there is nothing to install or configure. The software is already deployed. You simply need to roll it out to your customers. BrightMove’s ATS was built to give PEOs a streamlined hiring software solution with real revenue potential. With BrightMove for PEO, you can easily sell and deploy this powerful recruiting software package into your current customer portfolio, and create immediate recurring revenue. The bigger you get, the more revenue you generate.

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PEO Software with immediate revenue potential.

Demo the best ATS on the market, built by recruiters for recruiters.

There is no need to struggle managing clients with a new ATS. BrightMove’s easy-to-use applicant tracking system lets you seamlessly manage the talent acquisition process for all your customers from one single interface.

Enable your customers to recruit and fill positions with top candidates while positively impacting your bottom line.

How offering a PEO software for recruiting helps PEO's grow

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More PEO’s are offering staffing and more staffing firms are offering PEO services.

How can mid-size PEO’s compete?You need an innovative applicant tracking system partner (ATS), like BrightMove. With a tracking software that can effectively help your customers find the best talent, you have enhanced your business model. A PEO software for recruiting creates the trickle-down (or across, or sideways) effect. Since the PEO model of generating revenue is based off the number of employees managed per client, offering a solution to clients that helps them to hire more employees increases the revenue-generating potential.

Essential recruiting module for PEO Software

4 out of 10 business owners plan to hire staff; pie chart 26% of small business owners do not have a recruiting strategy in place.

An ATS, or applicant tracking system, for PEOs solves a need for business owner

Business owners are busier than ever and are considering hiring more staff to help handle the load. Nearly four in 10 business owners plan to hire staff over the next six months (39 percent, up from 34 percent last spring) and the lowest number since 2007 say they will not hire or cut back (30 percent).

Most agree that hiring is the key to success. “You're only as good as your people" was the top-chosen “mantra" (26 percent) of most small-business owners in the Small Business Monitor, and finding the right staff was the most common obstacle to future growth, with 19 percent of owners naming it their biggest challenge.Read More

Helping your customer hire with an ATS makes you more money and just makes sense.

BrightMove applicant tracking system can be configured as a lead generation tool for PEO companies
  • Lead generation for recruiting services
  • Insight into your customer’s hiring demand
  • Fully integrated BrightMove CRM for your recruiting services
  • BrightMove has flexible and scalable pricing models to help you roll-out a successful recruiting offering using an ATS software, specifically designed for a PEO
PEO Software that helps you close recruiting business

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