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Avoid writing lots of code. Use the BrightMove Public API.

Create Custom Applications With ATS Data

Are you wasting time with copy & paste? Is your tech team writing a lot of code from scratch? The main reason to use an API is to avoid having to do repetitive work. Our API is fully public and allows you to interact with any data in the ATS

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Public API for Accessing BrightMove Data

Feature Overview

What is an API? Simply put, an open API is a public application programming interface. The BrightMove API gives software developers programmatic access to our proprietary application called ATS. Through the open API, and using common web service design patterns like REST, a software developer can interact with any data with ATS.

Our Open API

  • Is public, secure, accessible & scalable
  • Is easy to use
  • Is based on standard design patterns, like REST
  • Is well documented
  • Is comprehensive

The BrightMove Open API enables organizations to create real-time, custom integrations with their ATS data.

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The most configurable ATS on the planet

The unemployment rate is lower than it has been decades. Finding candidates is hard but keeping them engaged is even harder. BrightMove’s public API allows you to access and interact with all of the data present within your ATS, however you'd like.

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