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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

BrightMove is designed with UX in mind

Candidate Experience is a term that means different things to people, depending on who you ask. We have focused our efforts to create a user experience that is easy to use. Our goal is to create software our customers love to use.

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A positive candidate experience is a key differentiator for job seekers who are considering multiple opportunities. Preferred communication channels, mobile-friendly job applications, remote interviewing options & time-to-offer are all important aspects of a positive candidate experience. For top talent, you have to remember, your in competition for the candidate.

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Feature Overview

What is Candidate Experience? CE is the accumulation of little experiences into an overall perception a person forms when dealing with your organization. From the first time they hear about your company, until their first anniversary as an employee, this perception is formed by many moments of truth. From brand recognition to onboarding, CE sets the foundation for the employer-employee relationship.

Our ATS Improves Candidate Experience

  • Improved conversion rate on passive candidates
  • Reduced regrettable attrition
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Shortened time to hire

A positive candidate experience can mitigate regrettable attrition by increasing employee satisfaction. Regrettable attrition is when a valued employees decides to leave the organization for a role with another company.

Mobile Responsive Applicant Tracking System

Every second matters

The unemployment rate is lower than it has been decades. Finding candidates is hard but keeping them engaged is even harder. BrightMove’s mobile-responsive job applications allow candidates to quickly apply from any device. BrightMove’s applicant tracking system will help streamline your recruiting process, allowing you to provide a great experience for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers.

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