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Analytics is a term that means different things to people, depending on who you ask. We have deployed a comprehensive and modern data stack that enables us to solve any data analytics challenge. Try us out!

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Intelligent Automation Staffing Solutions

At BrightMove, we believe that purpose of technology is to enable you to work smarter, not harder. We have implemented modern analytics tools to enable automation staffing & to optimize your recruiting process.

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BrightMove’s AI recruiting software uses a three-pronged approach with recruiting expertise, technology, and data intelligence to improve recruiting and hiringproduct creates smarter features such as job posting automation.

Feature Overview

We have implemented business intelligence tools to do just that. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have also deployed machine learning into our product. Augmented intelligence has been deployed to make recruiters more efficient. Artificial intelligence has been deployed to completely remove repetitive tasks.

Advanced Analytics Optimizes Recruiting

  • Business intelligence & reporting solutions by role
  • Machine learning (ML) models improve Power Search results
  • Intelligent automation solutions, like job posting through Job Distribution Engine

Automation staffing solutions to optimize your recruiting processes.

Mobile Responsive Analytics

Deep Insights Into Your Business

With BrightMove, you can tap into the data exhaust that your business gives off. The unemployment rate is lower than it has been decades, which means, to win in this market you have to be right most of the time. BrightMove’s advanced analytics and business intelligence allows you to make data driven business decisions in real-time. BrightMove’s applicant tracking system will help streamline your recruiting process, based on facts, not hunches.

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