Are You Getting the Most Possible Value Out of Your ATS?

Published on 9/16/2019 by Heidi Howell-Green

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Are you getting the most possible value out of your ATS? 

Nearly every company and staffing firm today has invested in ATS, or applicant tracking system, technology. As far as technical innovation goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a technology that has had a more positive, dramatic impact on recruiting over the past 20-odd years. 

But, in many cases, your ATS technology can feel like “set it and forget it.” Once it’s up and running, you set up your own processes and let things hum along nicely. 

While I can understand why this is tempting for many organizations, it’s a huge mistake! 

Today’s most powerful and nimble ATS technology is built to do so much more than post jobs and collect resumes. Rather than a commodity, your ATS becomes a critical, central hub for your entire recruiting function. It can empower your recruiters, save time, and so much more. 

You just have to know where to look. 

Every day, the BrightMove team is talking to businesses like yours about their frustrations, challenges, and opportunities. And we help them understand how their ATS can help them overcome those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities. 

Is there untapped value just waiting in your ATS? Or could it be time to make the move to an ATS that does offer that strategic “leg up” for your firm? It’s nearly impossible to talk about getting value from your ATS without talking about how we provide value here at BrightMove, so let’s look at just a few of the ways we provide tremendous value to our clients:

Advanced Analytics and Visualizations

With so many metrics to track today, it’s nearly impossible to know the status of everything, all the time. With BrightMove, we’ve made it simple for you to glimpse a quick update on those core metrics that are most important to your business. And, these can be customized for every user. If you are most interested in time to fill, and your recruiter is most interested in your candidate pipeline, you can each customize your dashboard to display the right visuals to keep you informed and help you make better decisions each day. 

Automated and Batch Tasks

What previously took recruiters hours each day can now be completed automatically or with little hands-on effort. With BrightMove, your recruiters can set up automatic sorting of candidates by skillset (or other criteria) and can book calls, set future events, create calendar reminders, tag records, send a group of candidates to a specific hiring manager and so much more. This is literally just a sampling. For nearly every opportunity for better efficiency, there is likely an element in BrightMove to help you achieve your goals. 

Flexibility and Ingenuity

Many “legacy” (read: older) ATS technology is large and cumbersome. It does a lot of things, but...that’s it. It does what it does. Change and upgrades are slow and tedious and aren’t really in a position to be a game-changer for your business. But with smaller, nimbler ATS technology, like BrightMove, agility is fundamental to your experience with our ATS. 

Our roots are both in staffing and recruiting and development. We know that in order for our ATS to become a critical component of your staffing operations, it needs to be constantly changing for the better. We don’t wait for an annual update or massive rollout to add functionality. In fact, our clients can easily submit feature requests and provide feedback directly to our team. In some cases, we are able to implement a suggestion within a few weeks. "I’m very proud of this -- this ability and responsiveness to customer needs are nearly unheard of in our industry, or in any tech," said BrightMove CEO, David Webb.

Is Your ATS Helping You Achieve More? 

If your ATS isn’t providing you this level of value, it’s time to think about a change. With BrightMove, we empower our clients to get more done, efficiently and effectively (and while saving money!). It’s a powerful formula that has helped us deliver exceptional results for over a decade. We thrive on innovation and service, and we are proud to help you. To learn more about BrightMove and talk to a member of our team, schedule a demo now. 

About the Author, Heidi Howell-Green

With more than a decade of experience making marketing and communications concepts come to life in the workforce solutions industry, Heidi was utilizing marketing principles to lead the charge on employer branding initiatives for talent acquisition and working to create an engaging and positive candidate experience, as well as employee experience to attract and retain talent before it was mainstream.

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