BrightMove Wisdom Developer of the Year for 2024

Published on 4/15/2024 by Jimmy Hurff

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EG Workforce Solution's Duy Le Named Wisdom Developer of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce that Duy Le from the EG Workforce Solutions team has been honored as the BrightMove Wisdom Developer of the Year for 2024!  Duy has exemplified dedication, creativity, and innovation throughout the past year, making him an outstanding recipient of this prestigious award.  His innovative data analytics work has propelled EG Workforce Solutions to new heights, showcasing his exceptional talent and expertise in developing business intelligence solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence within the EG Workforce organization.  Duy's commitment to pushing boundaries, thinking outside the box, and finding ingenious solutions has not only enriched our team but has also inspired others to strive for greatness.

From Day 1 Duy listened to my vision around live time data analytics and not just data but how data can tell a story! His work with BrightMove has been absolutely incredible as he taken the original dashboard and built upon them allows testing the limits and pushing for more! It is such an honor to have him on our team

- Chloe Ryan, SVP Talent Solutions

Since 1958, EG Workforce Solutions ( has bridged the gap between companies hiring and employees looking for work. From a single hire to the recruitment of an entire division, outsourced services, and talent strategy designed to find, keep, and grow talent, EG continues to be a premier workforce provider in Michigan and beyond. EG is a team of professionals dedicated to looking beyond current vacancies and needs to exceed the expectations of our client’s recruitment needs. We’re an organization that’s over 65 years of looking forward as a partner equipped with insights, solutions, and industry expertise that helps organizations succeed.

BrightMove, Inc. (, a leading developer of Recruiting Software for Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO), Staffing and Corporate HR, announced the debut of BrightMove Wisdom in November 2022.  Wisdom, a modern data analytics platform directly integrated within the BrightMove RPO platform, enables customers to collect and curate recruiting data including applicant attributes like traits, demographics, geographic attributes, etc.  Through it's powerful data warehouse and business intelligence functions, customers of BrightMove can create rich and robust dashboards and visualizations, and share them internally with business partners, or externally with their customers.  Wisdom also helps customers to better understand their customers through behavioral data like candidate affinities and buying behavior.  With Wisdom, customers can use experimentation data to build holistic user profiles to build granular user segments and define custom business metrics to optimize operational processes, conduct experiments, personalize applicant journeys, and fine-tune marketing campaigns.  BrightMove Wisdom not only aggregates data and maintains data quality but also enriches it further.

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