About BrightMove

BrightMove is a global innovation leader in the hiring technology and recruiting software industry. BrightMove is the perfect cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Staffing, PEO and corporate Human Resource teams around the world.

BrightMove’s comprehensive Applicant Tracking System was built with both recruiters and candidates in mind. BrightMove provides all of the tools and features recruiters need to make more placements and achieve greater ROI, while providing a great applicant experience for candidates.

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"Love the flexibility that we get with BrightMove. Anything we are looking to do or add to the system, they work with us on getting setup and implemented. The support team is awesome!"

- Eric LeBlanc

"We have used BrightMove for nearly [7 years] so [I] have seen many positive changes. What I have learned is that they are proactive to adapt to the recruiting market's changes. Additionally, they are extremely open to customizations based upon a specific organization's needs; we're a unique structure, so have needed a few of these (and couldn't be more pleased). They have a solid RPO model (as a reseller), great HR edition for Corporate use, and great integration points .. whether SSO log into partner sites, job posting capability, and/or social media sharing. Thanks BrightMove, keep up the great work!"

-Sandy White

"Intuitive and well organized. No matter what you need to do in Brightmove, the answer is either obvious or just a live chat away."

-Cody O'Neal
Hueman People Solutions