Reporting and Analytics

BrightMove offers a full range of reporting and analytics data in order to help you track and measure your results in order to make more informed business decisions. From standard reports, ad-hoc reports, custom reports, and our proprietary recruiting analytics module, we have you covered.

Customizable reports for recruiting software

Standard reports

BrightMove offers a standard suite of reports to cover a wide variety of business needs. Ranging anywhere from user activity reporting to the status of job submittals and placements. We understand that your ability to see into your organization's work and progress is often essential for your organization’s success.

Customizable reports for recruiting software

Ad hoc reporting for build your own reporting

Ad hoc reports

We know that regardless of how diverse our standard offerings are, you're going to have the need to generate reports on your terms to meet your specific objectives.

Our ad hoc reporting engine allows you to pick what kind of report you want and hand select the fields displayed, filters applied, groupings made and sorting preferences to ensure that you're able to see exactly what you need.

You're also able to make copies of existing standard reports and tweak as necessary. Whether you want to start from scratch or simply improve on a good thing, ad hoc reporting allows you the power and flexibility to generate the specific data you require.

Business intelligence and analytics for standard reporting

Business Intelligence and Analytics

When standard reporting just isn't enough to see the trends and do the analysis of data at a very high level, we have an OData Feed available for consumption. With tools such as Microsoft Power BI, you can import your company's data into an analytics platform and instantly gain access to business intelligence functionality.

The Open Data Protocol gives you the flexibility to take your data out of BrightMove and bring it into any number of third party BI systems, giving you ultimate control over the visibility into your company's performance.

Business intelligence and analytics for standard reporting

Custom reports for enterprise recruiting departments

Custom Reports

At BrightMove, we know that sometimes your reporting needs to be tailored to meet your company's specific business requirements. The developers at BrightMove can build you custom reports, if needed.

When you need to build in complicated business rules, schedules, formulas or logic into a report, we have the experts on hand that possess the experience necessary to turn your vision into reality.

Recruiting Analytics

BrightMove offers a proprietary Recruiting Analytics module. Our module provides Job Analytics and a Recruiting Analytics dashboard.

Job Analytics is a feature that tracks visitors of each job, if they applied, when the applicant is moved into a status designated as quality, and if they are hired. You can filter by source to quickly determine what sources are providing the best return of applicants not only by number but by quality as well.

Additional company analytics can be found within the Recruiting Analytics Dashboard. From the dashboard, users are able to view their analytics data by portal, source, date, and also a comparison of portal data.

Recruiting Analytics for Job SEO

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