DarkHorse Podcast Endorses BrightMove

Published on 3/28/2022 by David Webb

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BrightMove is proud to be endorsed by the Dark Horse Podcast! 

David Webb, Co-Founder and CEO of BrightMove, was introduced to DarkHorse when he joined Unity 2020. During that time he met Bret + Heather Weinstein while working on the Rank- Choice Voting System as a prime mover. 

Bret + Heather Weinstein are American podcasters and authors. In their Podcast, DarkHorse, they dives deep into questions that matter paired with tools that work. 

His three points are: 

Given similar circumstances, people are basically alike 

An excellent world is possible, but perfection is not an option 

The future can not be designed, it will have to be discovered

[00:10:20} - Introduction 

[00: 30:00] - BrightMove service

[01:20:00] - What is BrightMove?  

[02:33:05] - Recommendation

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