It’s Time to Rethink Your Approach to Social Networking

Published on 6/16/2020 by Jimmy Hurff
Last Updated on 12/2/2022

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When you think of social networking, you think of posting on social media. Pretty straightforward, right? 

📷Posting pictures of your kids and dogs on Facebook

📷Posting those same pictures, and maybe some pictures of food and beverages (😉) to Instagram

📷 Sharing anecdotes and stories (and replying to others’ anecdotes and stories) on Twitter

📷 Publishing links and articles on LinkedIn

It’s safe to say that this is the social media “strategy” of a vast majority of people. And that’s okay (really). But, when we take a look at the greater potential of social networks, and more specifically, social networking, there is an incredible amount of potential that is being left untapped. 

Tap into the true potential of social networking

The power of truly networking on social media is especially important for recruiters. Recruiters who are busy (and oftentimes, burned out) and are used to spitting out job postings on social before moving on. This is the opposite of social networking, for the record. We understand why that’s the case for so many. It’s just that with so much on their plates, many recruiters struggle to see the opportunity and potential in investing more time on social. Our team has been especially active on social lately and has compiled this advice to help you and your recruiters take a new approach and connect to the notion of “networking” in social networking.

Use video whenever possible

On social media, in particular, people just don’t want to scroll through endless copy. Not unless it’s really, REALLY good. That’s not to say your content is good. But, unless you’ve given an immediate, compelling reason to keep scrolling, folks just...aren’t going to scroll. Not only does saying your content out loud help people skip the scrolling, but it also helps you connect. Well-written content can help people feel like they know you, simply by reading your words. But it’s difficult to build that kind of a voice. So why not use your “actual” voice instead! And your face, for that matter!

There’s a reason Zoom calls and meetings have become so popular lately. Seeing and hearing our colleagues, candidates, and clients help us feel less alone and more connected. With candidates in particular, it can help you recreate the connection that is lost with phone interviews (particularly in a time where in-person interviews are verboten). 

Our team has been sharing videos quite a bit lately -- and we are loving it! Not only does it help you feel more connected to us, but the feedback and conversations that have emerged have also helped us feel more connected and engaged with you. And don’t worry about using high-quality, professional videos. 

Not only are they not necessarily, but they’re also oftentimes less successful than simple videos taken with your iPhone or another smart device. So start talking and shooting those videos -- and be sure to share them! The platform you choose depends on where you’re most active (and find the most success). For us, that’s primarily LinkedIn. 

Think “live” when you can

Going a step further on the video concept, think about how and when you can take those conversations live. When you open up targeted conversations to your network, you’re not only nurturing current relationships, you’re potentially adding new ones. 

We had been cruising with RecruiterCast well before COVID-19 became a household name. But we had wrapped Season 1 and were on hold for Season 2 when the world changed in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, the recruiting landscape (along with everything else) was vastly different. There was a need for open, candid conversations that addressed topics that were evolving in real-time. 

Hence, RecruiterCast Live was born. A live, call-in show with expert guests who can answer your questions and offer unique perspectives on the topics that are affecting recruiters and businesses right now. We host the show on Facebook Live, which makes it easy and accessible for just about everyone. And, the videos can be watched at your leisure on Facebook, through your favorite podcast provider, or on our YouTube Channel

That means you get the benefit of live interaction for those who are interested in available, along with the flexibility of on-demand viewing or listening. And the social channel - in this instance, Facebook (although LinkedIn also has live streaming capabilities) serves as the hub for this new, engaging, and accessible form of social networking in its purest form. 

Check out our past episodes of RecruiterCast and RecruiterCast Live

If you haven’t checked out RecruiterCast yet, you can catch up on your favorite podcast app, but you can also connect with us on Facebook or YouTube. And if you have a chance, call into our next show with your question or topic. We’d love to chat! 


About the Author, Jimmy Hurff

Jimmy is a seasoned technology executive & entrepreneur noted for leading business transformations. Over his 25+ year career, Jimmy has developed multi-platform expertise in the domains of engineering, data analytics, security, compliance & business transformation. Starting in 1995, Jimmy worked with his best friend, David Webb, to develop one of the world's first Internet job board and resume bank applications. From then to now, Jimmy has been consistently helping his customers to build great teams, using best practices and world-class technology.

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