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Published on 3/2/2013 by Jimmy Hurff

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The world of employment software in conjunction with third party recruiting has opened its doors to human resource departments everywhere. Particularly as the job search becomes increasingly global, many HR departments are recognizing that their current recruitment processes have become antiquated. But as firms labeling themselves as RPOs continue to burst onto the scene, buyers must carefully ask, are these providers qualified to recruit successfully? Conversely, RPO providers should be questioning whether they are taking the right steps to ensure they offer what businesses need.

When relying on recruitment outsourcing, it is essential that RPOs act as an extended arm of a company, not as a separate entity. Since most RPOs go beyond simply filling a position in the way of traditional recruiting agencies, understanding company values and culture must be a provider's priority. Many RPOs participate in the sourcing process, candidate screening, and can even become involved in training and post-employment roles. Because of this expansion of conventional duties expected of a third party recruiter, RPOs must cultivate a feel for the type of people working within an organization and understand the qualities expected of the new hires. The relationship between a buyer and a RPO will be successful when the provider identifies with the business mission, aligns with company goals, and shares a similar vision of how the recruitment strategy should be executed.

Alongside an investment in the familiarization of a company, a buyer should look for a provider that will mold to fit individualized needs. While RPOs bill themselves as being able to leverage proven processes, the ability to customize this standard for each client separates the profitable from the unsuccessful. Often, the employment software that a RPO chooses to utilize facilitates this ability to tailor its services. As a provider, taking advantage of a product like BrightMove Quantify enables quick access to client information. Among many other advantages, Quantify assists in the important task of customization with alerts and dashboard reports identifying the specific needs of the buyer. As employee software continues to advance, RPOs need to be staying up to date on the vast array of benefits a top of the line recruitment software product has to offer.

Recruitment outsourcing is certainly here to stay, but are you? As a business, hiring the best talent is vital to staying competitive. Making a smart decision about recruitment outsourcing can provide the edge your company may need to advance.

And as a provider jockeying among the crowds of RPOs, a personalized approach doubled with effective employment software may be just the push needed to rise above the rest.

About the Author, Jimmy Hurff

Jimmy is a seasoned technology executive & entrepreneur noted for leading business transformations. Over his 25+ year career, Jimmy has developed multi-platform expertise in the domains of engineering, data analytics, security, compliance & business transformation. Starting in 1995, Jimmy worked with his best friend, David Webb, to develop one of the world's first Internet job board and resume bank applications. From then to now, Jimmy has been consistently helping his customers to build great teams, using best practices and world-class technology.

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