Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2020

Published on 1/23/2020 by David Webb
Last Updated on 12/2/2022

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So it’s now 2020. A new year.  A new decade. And the last decade was pretty busy when it comes to market:

- Artificial intelligence started making its mark on the recruitment process

- The decade could really be named “The Decade of the Candidate” or “The Talent Wars Decade,” because the hiring market evolved to a point where employers started marketing to candidates (and candidates started ghosting employers with impunity)

- Recruiting technology improved a thousand-fold, from the true emergence of Applicant Tracking Systems, to Salesforce, to video interviews, to recruiting texts and more

- And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

So what can recruiters expect in 2020? We’ve been discussing this a lot on our new podcast -  RecruiterCast. Here are some of the recruiting trends we – and our podcast guests – think you’ll see in 2020 and beyond. Take a look below.

Partnerships between employers and staffing firms will continue to grow. The partnership will be critical to an employer’s success.

We recently spoke with David Steele of Intradra Technologies and Jill Chapman of Insperity to discuss how employers practically will need to partner with a trusted staffing firm to succeed this decade.

Recruiters will start their own recruiting firms….and find it’s harder than “it looks.”

Many recruiters dream of going out on their own. And many do. But it’s not all peaches and cream, unicorns and butterflies.

We recently spoke with Jimmy Hurff, co-founder of Hurff-Webb, Artis IT and our own BrightMove, and discussed the top five myths about opening a recruiting or staffing company and what entrepreneurs should know to be successful. (One myth: “You really won’t have to work anymore.”)


Applicant tracking systems aren’t going anywhere (and how applicants can “beat them”).

In this episode, we talk with big data expert and 10X programmer Ken Bedwell about how software can – or can’t – determine if you get the job. Spoiler: the ATS can be beaten. (Spoiler’s spoiler: if you do, you’ll blow your job interview.)

Trends to help recruiters stay current and relevant

Together with William Tincup,  we examined how recruiters can stand out from the crowd and get the attention of candidates. Here’s a tip: don’t rely so much on technology. As tech tools, social media and AI infiltrate practically our entire culture, candidates more and more are expecting – if not demanding – a personal touch. (Recruiters run the risk of appearing “cold and demanding” if they rely too much on technology.)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is going to grow. Big time!

One thing is constant regardless of the year or decade - companies want to cut costs and improve productivity.

Plus, today’s companies are looking for flexibility to hire the best talent across the globe. The increasing demands on recruiting and the need for the highest level of experience and efficiency has pushed RPO to the forefront.

Today’s RPOs are empowered with strong analytics that helps them make data-driven decisions to impact the bottom line of their clients. They invest in the most agile and innovative recruiting technologies to help them deliver the most exceptional results to their clients and work at their most efficient.

And businesses are waking up to the possibilities. Which means you can expect RPO to surge considerably in the early part of this decade. In fact, MarketWatch predicts the RPO industry will grow a whopping 21.13% by 2022!

The primary 2020 recruiting trend? Constant change.

If there’s any prediction we can make that we know will come true, it’s this: recruiting is going to evolve throughout this year and decade.

Let us help you as you meet recruiting’s challenges. We can help you overcome any that come your way with our innovative recruiting technology platform. Contact us for a demonstration of our capabilities.

Check out Ken Bedwell on Recruitercast here:

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